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Is Hair Removal by the IPL method permanent?

Permanent hair removal does not inevitably suggest getting rid of all the hair in the area of treatment. Presently, the only procedure of hair reduction assessed and authorized by the FDA as entirely lasting is in ipl hair removal salons. They can help you get rid of hair completely.

So What exactly is Permanent Hair Removal?

FDA specifies that the volume of hair growing back should be permanent over time bigger than the period of the full evolution cycle of hair strands.

To understand this, we want to also understand the different stages in the hair’s growth cycle.

Anagen stage 

The Anagen phase is the vigorously growing stage of hair, during this stage new hair is generated and grows to its absolute length.

Catagen stage

This transition phase is the stage when hairs get separated from the hair follicle due to a lack of blood supply.

Telogen stage

In this stage the follicle continues to be motionless until it reaches the climax, the old hairs are alleviated and the first stage which is the anagen stage commences again.

IPL is effective only when hairs are in the first anagen phase of growth, and barely a fraction of hairs over the entire body is busily growing at one particular time.

Besides, the lifecycle of the hair varies in size. It depends on the part of the body and it is also determined genetically, so it varies from one person to the other.

We can infer from the obtainable proof that IPL tends to be beneficial at curtailing hair regrowth almost up to 80 percent however it takes time and numerous rounds to accomplish the desired outcomes.

However, there is insufficient clinical data that indicates how long the hair removal effects last or how frequently this happens. Normally, as a manual only, you are required to most likely need 6  or 8 sessions in the beginning. This depends on the body area being dealt with yearly follow-up treatments.

IPL for hair removal reduction at home

There are a lot of helpful IPL appliances accessible for use at home, and they have been improving over time.

Let us look at the benefits of this kind of hair removal treatment.



This benefit tops the list and it is an apparent benefit, cost-saving to be precise. The preliminary payment will be more than 200 dollars for a decent home appliance and you need to consider the expense of any stand-in flash cartridges that are expected.  When put against the price of various costly salon trials and follow-ups, the savings made are quite substantial.


There is no necessity to plan meetings, you can do the procedures whenever you want.

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