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The Correlation between Human Body Cells and Health

Cellular is the focal point of wellness. This is because the human body is filled with trillions of cells. These cells are crucial to life; hence it is vital that they are well supported. We all have different types of cells for each body system. It can be the nervous system function or the release of toxins and harmful bi-products. Every cell depends on the other cells in other body systems for them to function, to collaborate, and to communicate. Such processes are not visible to the human eye nor are they felt, but they can be noticeably dysfunctional when an illness or disease starts to set in. The truth is that those that we often call as signs of aging are in fact signs of cell degeneration and distress.

Minerals for Healthy Cells

It is a must for us to know what makes our cells healthy. Cells have specific nutritional requirements. This will make sure that they can create energy and at the same time flush down toxins from the body. It involves a complex process that requires certain minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium.


Calcium along with vitamin D ensure bone cell health. This has to come in an absorbable form coming from food sources and supplements which can’t hinder mineral absorption.


Magnesium is present in every type of cell in every organism. Magnesium is required by any one of the trillion cells that the human body has. One of its vital functions is the synthesis of RNA and DNA. It is crucial for cellular function and also aids in the body’s alkaline environment. It also aids for the maintenance of potassium levels found in human cells.


Potassium is vital for cells to function and for all the electrical processes that take place within the blood cells. Along with sodium, potassium regulates acid balance and water balance in blood and tissues of the human body. It also helps to generate nerve impulses within nerve cells. It is important for metabolizing energy and it aids in the amino acid protein synthesis.

Trace Minerals

Only a small amount of trace minerals is required by the body, but the iconic trace minerals enable bioavailability and have immediate benefits to the human body. They also promote pH balance.

Telomeres is a part of the human DNA that is known to cause the aging process. Having longer telomeres results to having a longer lifespan and shorter telomeres means a short life. There are several ways to ensure longer telomeres.

Keep a healthy weight.

Check your BMI and make sure that it is the appropriate measure for your age. Get rid of your belly fat or visceral fat which is the fat found surrounding your body organs.

Exercise regularly.

Research revealed that older runners have longer telomeres than men who are young and living a sedentary lifestyle.

Learn to handle chronic stress.

People who face many adversities in life, those who are burdened by caregiving and heavy workload, have shorter telomeres. To reduce stress, the best remedy is meditation.

Make sure your diet is telomeres protective.

This entails consuming foods that contain a lot of antioxidants.

It helps to learn more about telomeres. For a good reference, you can visit

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