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The Injectable Tanning Drug

A wide array of tanning drugs are offered in the world market. You can come up with different brands. These tanning products contained a skin-darkening ingredient that can change the skin complexion. Most of the customers are looking for effective tanning injections for sale. Yet, they end up spending too much but nothing happened. Now, it is a good tip to read through the label first if the product contains skin-darkening pigments. Melanotan is offered at an affordable price. It is popularly known as the barbie drug. The barbie drug needs UV rays to take into the effect of darkening the skin to achieve the tan complexion. However, it doesn’t need to get exposed to the sun for a longer period. It only needs minimal exposure to the sun, which is not painful.

Is there any danger of using Melanotan?

The answer is a big “No” if you are following the right dosage of the drug. There is nothing on this earth that is safe if consumed or used too much. So, the users should follow the right dosage of the drug. It is the only way to enjoy the effectiveness of the injectable tanning product.

Injectable Tanning DrugWhat is the correct dosage?

When using a tanning product, there is a certain dosage that a user must follow. Here is the Melanotan usage guide for the users. Melanotan is a melanotropin peptide, an analog of the Alpha-Melanocyte stimulating hormone. This is the type of peptide that circulated and created in the skin. Now, the synthetic Melanotan 2 designed to darken and tan skin. It is a more potent and tiny than the Melanotan 1. It comes from a sealed and freeze-dried multi-use sterile vile. It will be used to be injected under the skin binding to melanocortin receptors. The product dosage is effective when followed. In getting proper results, it reconstitutes the tanning peptide. The peptides will be reconstituted in 1-2ml sterile water. To dilute more volume improves the dosing accuracy. Users need to know that the drug must be done in injection as the proper way of using the peptide. The dosage depends on the user’s skin type. For a full tanning season, it will be done within  3 months. This is the most commonly recommended dosage based on the type of skin. There is a skin chart followed by Melanotan 2 called the Fitzpatrick Scale.

  • Skin type 1 needs 30 – 50mg
  • Skin type 2 needs 20 – 30mg
  • Skin type 3 needs 10 – 20mg

The benefits it provides

Melanotan provides various benefits. Here are the following:

  • Darker skin. Indeed, this type of peptide is known to be an effective tanning product. A lot of women who wish to have a tan complexion achieve it easily using the injectable drug. Tanning is the new sexy tone, especially westerners. They always look for a tanning product instead of sunbathing.
  • Increases libido. Sexual issues become a big deal for a married couple. Now, using the product helps to increase sex drive.
  • Burns fat. It can suppress the appetite and it is one way to help lose fat.

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