Skin care

It is important to take the maintenance doses if you have reached the desired pigmentation.

The initial tan can be built if you are able to take the doses more frequently in order to maintain the tan. It is possible to achieve your desired skin tone once in a day with the help of the typical loading. The loading dose may vary based on skin type and from person to person. Once if you have reached the desired pigmentation then it is important to take the maintenance doses. There are too many variables of Melanotan available so you must ensure to follow the exact pigmentation. The regulating speed of the skin fading may vary depending on the skin type and metabolism of the individual. It is not possible to give the correct advice on the maintenance dose for the preferred tan level.

Complete solutions with sunless tanner:

The dosing frequency should be taken into consideration by the individuals so that they will be able to find the perfect dose on their own. The tanning session should be followed by the individuals once a week for the purpose of proper maintenance. The sunless tanner is not a complete solution if you want to build a tan as you may require some little exposure to the UV rays.

Melanotan The dosage of the Melanotan product can be increased based on the side effects when you avoid any unwanted post-injection with the effect of the high-end doses. You can consume the products before you go to bed which is considered as one of the most common ways to deal with the peptides. The products can be consumed by the users until their body gets used to it.

Exposure to the sun rays:

During the first few days of dosing, you can find that your body can be adjusted with the use of the peptides. There will be no long time side effects according to the reports as the use of the Melanotan can be identified easily with the post-injection effects. You can stop the exposure to the sun rays as you can lose your tan within a week or two if you use the natural tanners. The skin pigmentation can be developed as the tan peptides can be typically used for a long period of time. There will be an overall effect on your skin appearance as the freckles can be improved on the tanned skin when compared to the pale skin. The peptides will not have a permanent effect so you can observe that your entire skin gets darker if you have the freckles.

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