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Myths and Facts About Skin Care

The world can be a scary place as there’s one element that makes it go around – the rumor mill. Rumors continue to spread, and it wouldn’t matter if the topic was about celebrities, the latest video game that’s about to hit the market, or skin care, there’s bound to be false information spreading like wildfire.

Rumors about skin care continue to exist, and these false pieces of information scattered across the online and offline worlds put many people in unrest. “What is the truth behind proper skin care?” “Will I get side effects when I use this cream?” “Am I going to get my youthful skin back with this service?” These are just some of the questions that are circulating around the skin care rumor mill. Read on to know some myths and facts about proper skin care to set the records straight.

Skin Care

Myth: Thicker Creams Have More Moisturizing Power

Let’s get things straight – thickness doesn’t equate to moisture. You’ll find heavy skin care creams on the market because they’re often infused with lipids and emulsifiers found in their formulation. Some thick skin creams can even leave the skin looking duller than before, and it can even trap dead cells within the flesh which can affect overall skin function. Look for natural ways to hydrate your skin instead. For instance, don’t forget to drink the recommended amount of water regularly. You can also look for hydrating boosters that contain Hyaluronic Acid as this is an essential ingredient that aids in giving the skin proper moisture.

Myth: Leave the Sunscreen Behind During Winter

No matter what the season may be, there will always be sunlight. Even if it’s an overcast, snowy, rainy, or stormy day, the sun is still there beaming down its harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays down upon our poor skin. So no matter what the season is, always protect your skin with a healthy combination of sun block and sunscreen.

Myth: Don’t Exfoliate so the Skin Doesn’t Dry Out

While exfoliating frequently beyond the recommended number of times in a week can put harm to the skin, it doesn’t mean that you should skip the loofah entirely. Furthermore, exfoliating the skin can bring about a burst in cell renewal. Thus, it can bring about moisture-rich cells to the outer layers.

When you hear something about skin care, or perhaps any topic for that matter, never forget to check your sources before deeming it to be completely true. If you want to experience the truth, then it’s best to go to a spa and their services to see and feel if what you’ve been hearing is true or not.

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