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Detailed information about vitamin c overdose

Vitamin c is the nutrient which is also known as ascorbic acid and most of the health professionals are prescribed vitamin c in order to treat scurvy which is the medical condition caused by low levels of the ascorbic acid. It plays an important role in repair of issues and growth in all parts of body which includes heal wounds and form scar tissue, maintain and repair cartilage, teeth and bones and assist in growth of healthy skin. Free radical could be associated with the aging process which plays necessary role in development of heart disease, cancer and arthritis. Some of the studies reports that vitamin c might be effective treatment to common cold. Sometimes it is used as the skin care product which might have regenerative effects on the strength, texture, skin wrinkles and evenness of tone.

Wonderful information about vitamin c overdose

Vitamin c might increase levels of the oxalate in urine which may raise risk of developing kidney stones. In case you are having history of the kidney stones then you must limit your vitamin c consumption. If you are suffering from nadmiar witaminy c then you must consult with your healthcare professional because they can only provide high quality of the service to treat overdose of vitamin c. It might reduce effectiveness of prescription medications like medication used to treat high cholesterol, cancer and AIDS. Sometimes it might interfere with activity of the blood thinning medications such as warfarin that could be used to treat blood clots. If you are having iron related illnesses like hemochromatosis or thalessemia then you must not take vitamin c. It is always necessary to take diet of vitamin c food such as mango, citrus fruit, papaya, cantaloupe and watermelon. Vitamin c deficiency might cause some symptoms like anemia, splitting hair, nosebleeds, weight gain, swollen, painful joints and weakened tooth enamel. Severe form of the vitamin c deficiency is called as scurvy which can affect malnourished adults and older.

Get information about vitamin c deficiency

If you are having any kidney issues or allergic to the ascorbic acid then you must take vitamin c foods or supplement because it produces some harmful side effects. Basically high doses of the vitamin c might increase risk of the rare condition that is known as hyperoxaluria. Overdose of the vitamin c may have harmful effects in the fetus. If you are taking high doses of vitamin c then it might produce some dangerous side effects such as feeling faint, headache, redness and warm feeling of skin. It is always necessary to share with your health professional and pharmacist before you are taking vitamin c which includes over the counter drugs, prescription medication and nutritional supplement.

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