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PRESCRIPTION DRUGS: What to Know About Them?

What is it?

Prescription drugs also called prescription medication are therapeutic medicines that can only be obtained with the prescription before being dispensed to a consumer.  These are the list of narcotics written in a small sheet of paper after a doctor diagnosed a person with an illness, and various government agencies approve these sets of drugs before distribution, thus a reassurance that in time, this will cure a person’s ailments.

Is it really expensive or just another rip-off?

Well, it depends. Prices vary depending on the state or country a person lives in, the value-added tax set by the government to the public, the demand, and supply of the drug a person wishes to purchase, the pharmacy itself and of course the brand names which gives a little rise to the price.

As a marketing strategy, the most pharmaceutical company introduced prescription drug coupons as to where a consumer gets a discount for every purchase of their product when presented with this voucher. This strategy not only boosts the sales in their company but earns loyalty from consumers as they were given a privilege.

These coupons can be distributed via doctors, medical representatives and can be acquired online. Usually, medicines with many competitions tend to use this strategy to level the match. Nonetheless, the main point a consumer wants to deal with is the discount.

Why does substance control for prescription drugs exist?

The broad range potential of misuse is the main reason why; most government agencies try to implement substance control regarding distribution in pharmacies.

Drug Abuse. Although solely for therapeutic motives, some people use these drugs for recreational purposes which will eventually result to drug dependency, and it weakens the immune system by making bacteria and viruses resistant to antibodies in the pills. Drug dependency is not the worst case scenario; it is the overdose which might result in the fatality of a drug abuser.

Used as an ingredient in manufacturing illegal drugs. One item in making an illegal drug is usually amphetamine that is used to treat children with ADD and adults from narcolepsy, and the list goes on and on. A pharmacy cannot risk its fidelity for one consumer. Thus, the pharmacy itself needs to be vigilant and skeptical of those customers that are up to no good in purchasing these kinds of medicines.

Practicing medicine without a license. A pharmacist or even a physician do not only study the anatomy of a human being, the illnesses of a person and the components of the drugs. They also learn what drug goes with another one to avoid overdose and cancellation of its effects, self-medication or prescriptions from quack doctors may lead to liver failure that may develop into cancer in the body.

Overdose. Victims of drug abuse of these prescription drugs are mostly teenagers because, it is the most easily acquired drug that is obtained from family members, friends and even in school clinics. The effects of these drugs might differ from those of an illegal drug but with a careless amount of consumption will eventually lead to overdose and ineffectiveness to the body when associated with drug dependency. The amount of patients hospitalized due to overdose is overwhelming.

Effects in the environment. Researchers have found out that traces of drugs can be identified in our drinking waters. Not only affecting the human race but also deteriorating the quality of the limited supply of drinking water that we have. Nor is it only found in our potable waters, but also traces of these drugs in the sewage and surfaces of plants are discovered in research.

Uninhabited and domesticated animals are also in danger if these creatures accidentally take in these medicines, it might be poisonous to them or might affect their system resulting in permanent damage in these friendly furry.


The primary objective why notable physicians devoted their lives in research is perfecting a drug that can cure the human race of illness and avoiding another plague. It is to offer longevity for those who are weak, to provide a remedy for those who are in deep pain and to provide preventions from infections.

A consumer should always remember to be responsible for taking in prescription drugs, and not all people can afford the luxury of having proper treatment for their illness. Prescription drugs are here to help those who are in need and not just for a mere consumption for pleasure. A particular drug is designed to combat a specific ailment and should not be used in any other excuses.

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