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Would you opt for douching when you are pregnant?

For all those pregnant ladies out there, you might be wondering whether douching while pregnant is a great idea or not. A piece of advice appears to be no. It is basically a process where you clean up the vagina with water or other fluids which is undertaken through a nozzle or tube via the vagina. As per medical experts any woman whether you are pregnant or no pregnant should not undertake douching at all. But the sad aspect is that vaginal douching is common among pregnant woman and all the more so in the age bracket of 15 to 44 years.

If you are into douching once in a month it reduces the chances of you being pregnant. Research also suggests that if you douche the chances of becoming pregnant becomes a bare minimum. For sure it does increase the chance of ectopic pregnancy which makes it difficult for you to conceive in the future. If you are into douching the possibility of an early delivery could be a foreseen conclusion. There are some major problems which includes dryness of the vagina. HIV could lead to AIDS. As per recent studies it was proved that if you are into douching it does increase the chances of infections. This would lead to the emergence of genital HPV virus and if you analyse there are 200 of them which are of HPV high types. A dozen of them could go on to cause cervical cancer while HPV virus does go on to cause genital warts.

A study conducted did point to the fact that vaginal douching increased the exposure to phthalates. To soften vinyl or plastic these are chemicals that are normally being used. In personal grooming products they are also being used. A host of developmental and behavioural issues have sprung up in kids who are subject to the vaginal douching in the womb.

Now the real question is why women douche in the first place. As per a study conducted nearly 141 women in Los Angeles were asked the question on why they are into douching. The main reason given by them was that they felt it was necessary from a hygiene point of view. In addition most of them did go on to learn the art of douching from their peers.

Now coming back to the question on how do you end up clean the vagina? When you are bathing the outside of it can be washed by warm water. From the interiors let the vagina clean itself by the process of formation of mucus. Just be aware that a clean vagina is not going to smell like a rose garden and a general advice would be that if you witness a thick discharge it is always better to get in touch with your doctor who could be with or without swelling. Any irritation, redness or pain when you are into urination needs to be also reported to the doctor.

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