How to Stay Safe During Zumba Dance Classes

Zumba is a famous Latin-inspired fitness program. When you participate, it is more like a dance party than a workout. You will surely love the idea of a workout without making you feel like you are exercising. With this, it lures a diverse crowd at health clubs and dance studios.

This exercise is an excellent way to burn calories but for those who are out of shape, initial classes can be challenging.  For those who are already joining a zumba dance class, they attest that it is addictive because of its endorphin-fueled movements enhanced by feel-good beats.

Like any workout, there is a risk of injury. The most common Zumba injury is a meniscal tear of the knee. This happens when the knee joint moves in one direction but the feet stay put. Knowing this, it is important that you know how to stay safe during Zumba dance classes. You can consider the following tips for a safe Zumba workout:

Prepare for class

Zumba instructors will select their dance steps from different styles like salsa, samba, merengue, belly dancing, and even hip-hop. For this, you need to prepare. If you can, you must take a preparation class that teaches basic moves. It is advisable to take beginner Latin dance session before you show up at your first class.

Choose an experienced instructor
You must know that any enthusiast can receive certification after completing a one-day course. Before you signup, it is important that you research about the experiences of the instructor. Through this, you will get to know the instructor’s extent of certification.

Zumba-Dance-ClassesWear the correct shoes

You do not just wear any shoes when dancing. For Zumba, the shoes should have few or no grips on the soles. This is important so you can turn easily without sticking to the floor. It is advisable to look for shoes with pivot points allowing a multidirectional movement.

Do not wear running shoes because they are made for forward movement. If you wear running shoes during Zumba, you have a higher risk of knee, hip and ankle injuries. It is imperative that you consider shoes that are made for side movement. While you are at it, look for flexible shoes with a good amount of arch support.

Dodge the wrong floors

The floor can mean the difference between safe and risky classes. Due to Zumba’s popularity, there are many makeshift studios you will see. When you come to visit, check the floors. Avoid concrete or concrete covered with a thin layer of wood, carpeted surfaces, and floors with hard tiles. The floor should be hardwood.

Look at the crowd

When you see an overcrowded studio, you need to ditch Zumba. You must remember that Zumba requires an adequate physical space so you can move appropriately. Zumba features high-velocity movements that need more space so people do not injure each other. Find classes that are not congested.

Consider warm up and cool down

Warm up is important because it will help raise your body’s temperature and reduce soreness afterward. Cool down can bring down your respiratory rate, body temperature, and heart rate. These steps should not be skipped regardless of the type of exercise.

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