Lab studios provide the best Yoga Teacher Training Singapore

A successful yoga teacher very well knows that it is not about what you teach; the important thing is how students feel in the class. The students will remember how the teacher made them feel in the class, not about her teaching.

About lab studio

We believe in giving the best experience to our students. We will teach you the what and why so you can grow into an exceptional yoga teacher. We are the leader in yoga teacher training singapore

The yoga lab believes in right and proper yoga. so that the students do get the best benefit from yoga. We never compromise on quality. A promise we deliver in every class. All our yoga courses have great excellence.

Yoga Teacher Training

our current primary classes

  1. discovery

Here you learn all about yoga traditions and philosophy.

  1. immersion

You will learn about the ins and outs of yoga asanas. You can participate in our immersion level

  1. Lead

Do you want to confidently lead a yoga class and are looking for a certified 200-hour yoga instructor?

Our training course will teach you how to intelligently sequence and effectively cue. It is a level 3 lead program.

  1. Mentorship

All the selected candidates will go through a 3-month vigorous mentorship program with our trainers.

  1. Balance workshop

Learn how to balance your hands in this 2-hour workshop. We simply break down poses, explain the techniques, introduce drills, and practice together.

Morning asana practice

On weekends, I practice asana for 90 minutes with Maya and Betty. Our popular YA-approved teacher training program is back, bigger and better. Now so many people practice yoga in Singapore studios and this is because of our training. You are going to learn from the best in the industry. You will become a yoga leader. Our training will make you enjoy this craft because we teach in a good way.

 world-class yoga training.

We are an innovative leader in yoga training. LabStudio is the perfect place that you trust to deliver all training programs. Each program is led by our team. Whether you are looking for teaching or come here to learn yoga, You can find both these at the lab studio.

The July 2022 intake is open and you can simply book this.

Intensive flow memory

Through this course, you will learn how to teach powerful classes with proper guidance from the instructors.

The flow lab runs a training program that runs every quarter. This training will make you learn all the effective ways to lead yoga classes.

Academy of Barre

Barre Lab Academy launches in 2022, and that is the first barre certification center in Singapore.

Lab studios

Lab studios’ mission is to create safe, accessible spaces in Singapore for individuals to explore and practice. The lab studios are always dedicated to helping you achieve your fullest bare potential. With our programs, you will explore what you and your body will do. Each program is designed with different types of classes and sequences to help you find the best practice that you are most comfortable with.

Aside from barre lab, we also have a yoga lab and a flow lab pilates.

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