3 Ways to Help a Family Dealing with Childhood Cancer

Childhood cancer is a sensitive issue. Every family who has experienced it and continues to deal with it can attest to that. There’s a chance you might know someone whose child was diagnosed with cancer.

It could be a relative or a close friend. It’s not surprising you want to offer your support. Likewise, extend whatever help you can. However, this can be tricky. You could end up saying or doing the wrong thing to inadvertently offend them. To help you out, here are three ways to show support without doing so.

Reach Out to the Family

Chances are you don’t know what to say. As a result, you hesitate to contact your friend or family member. However, your hesitation and silence could be misread as a lack of concern. Imagine if it happened to you, chances are you’d be wondering where your friends and family had gone

Childhood Cancer

No doubt, the family is upset and doing their best to deal with the situation. Yet your words of compassion can help boost their spirits. Thus, they’ll feel they’re not alone.

Offer to Be There

A family whose child has cancer has a lot on their plate. Regular hospital visits and therapy for pediatric cancer can take its toll on them. Hence, they’ll appreciate occasions when family and friends offer to lend a hand. Bear in mind, they’ll likely be too tired to cook or think about the possibility of free time on their hands.

So, be bold and offer politely to help. For instance, suggest bringing over a home cooked meal. Likewise, you can let them know when you’re free to babysit. Chances are any parent would appreciate this. When you do get the chance to babysit, be sure to bring something for every child. Bear in mind, some siblings might feel out of place because of what’s happening.

Stay in Touch

Families who deal with childhood cancer are in for an uphill battle the moment they receive the diagnosis. Hence, it can take months or years before they’re able to get back to their normal lives before cancer. Staying in touch with the family throughout this time can help keep their spirits up. Likewise, you might consider sending gift cards or certificates they can use. These can feel like a godsend to any parent given the possible physical, emotional, not to mention, financial strain on them.

Keep these tips in mind if you’re in doubt about how to show support to a family dealing with pediatric cancer.

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