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All You Have to Know about a Knee Pillow

There are many great benefits to a knee pillow knowing that people sleep 8 hours a day. During this length of time, it is necessary for your body to be relaxed and comfortable. A good piece of knee pillow will be a great support for your knees when you are asleep. It is important for the knee pillow to be made of material that won’t change shape easily when used during sleep. That’s why most people choose the memory foam pillow which can ensure that your muscles are relaxed and supported the right way.

The spinal column has three areas which all need support. A knee pillow will make sure that the spine aligned properly which can prevent back pains. The knees are kept apart while you are sleeping which relieves them of stress. The following are some of the best benefits of a knee pillow:

Takes away pain

After a long day, your body would need a long and highly relaxed sleep. This type of pillow will do away with muscle cramps and pains that will enable you to sleep soundly.

Takes away knee pain

Your knees are often in tension when you sleep especially when on your side. Both knees will be rubbing against each other. This won’t be possible when you have a knee pillow.

Lessens pressure

With a knee pillow between your knees, the pressure on your knees is eliminated, giving you more comfort when you sleep. The muscle tension on the hips and lower back is also reduced.

Enables the right sleeping posture

A knee pillow enables your body to be in the proper posture while you are asleep. Cell regeneration is one of the best benefits of sleep, but it won’t be possible without being relaxed and comfortable while sleeping. This is why a knee pillow is significant.

Beneficial for pregnant women

A knee pillow will support and align the hips and pelvis of a pregnant woman which ensures the safety of the baby and at the same time helps the pregnant woman to be more comfortable in her sleep.

Given the benefits of using the knee pillow, it is important to know the factors to consider when buying a knee pillow:

Medium firmness

It’s not good to get a soft pillow since it can be easily reshaped by constant use. A pillow with medium firmness is the best choice. Remember that the pillow must be able to keep your knees apart.

Matches your body weight

It’s important to choose a pillow that matches your body weight. You will benefit from a memory foam pillow that can help to ensure the right body posture.

Dust and mite resistant

It’s important for you to have a memory foam pillow that is mite and dust resistant. It has to be hypoallergenic especially if you have allergenic conditions.


Check the pillow’s density. The ideal thickness of the pillow is three pounds and above. This will enable the pillow to support your knees sufficiently.

Consider all these before you decide on a particular knee pillow to invest on.

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