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4 practices followed with first aid

First aid is the mandatory practice in every situation. Emergency situation will not occur with prior announcement. In places without any kind medical help, first aid becomes the primary consideration to help those in need. First aid practice includes 4 major actions. They are

  • Take immediate action

It is the key to primary key practice. The principle includes the quick response from accident and save their lives faster. The sickness is minimized through number of possible action. The risk factors are valued in various circumstances in most of the possible ranges which helps someone to get through critical stage.

  • Calm down the anxious situation

As a person collapse, people surrounding will get hype. The situation should be monitored and controlled to give relaxed first aid. The expert should be able to control the situation and decrease the anxiousness within every individual life.

  • first aid training onlineCall out medical assistance

Medical assistance is the necessary process to recover the person from critical stage completely. First aid should be given to keep the person conscious without getting too critical. Through first aid, patient can get through conscious and stay little better within medical assistance.

  • Apply relevant treatment

Before the arrival of medical assistance, even a layman with practice in first aid can do the action to keep people conscious. To make layman knowledgeable, first aid training online is seen all around. Through this treatment patient condition can be stabilized from strong injury. The procedure is followed with the consecutive steps.

  • Check out consciousness
  • Open airway
  • Check for breathing with successive airway and resuscitation
  • The following process is followed up for certain time period until the patient condition stabilizes. Through this process circulation of blood and oxygen is monitored.
  • Control any major bleeding if there is any.

The treatment is also referred to as CPR. It is the kind of medical treatment which can be performed by layman with just online training. The training makes that individual perfect in taking care of any emergency medical condition in the absence of doctors.

Principles of first aid

 Principles of first aid include only the life preservation. It should be handled well in the emergence situation. The 3 main principles of first at listed successively.

  • Preserve life
  • Prevent deterioration
  • Promote recovery


Being useful in certain situation makes people to hangover with joy. Likewise, helping out people in their critical medical condition will make you a life savior. It will praise you throughout life. Start getting the first aid training and become in a savior in emergency needs.

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