The Best Treadclimbers In The Market: Choosing Between Bowflex TC100 and TC200

Losing weight has become synonymous with being healthy especially with more and more people going over the considered ‘proper’ weight level. Obesity is a serious condition. And it brings out a variety of illnesses that can be difficult to resolve. And you don’t want to go through such difficulties. When it comes to battling weight gain and acquiring the health and body you want, it’s necessary to consider the right routines to use. There are usually prescribed workout choices. Running or hiking is a very effective activity that can be used to decrease weight, build your cardio health, and bless your joints. With such an activity, you already have a lot of benefits.

But others can’t do this all the time because they lack the right environment for it. With devices like the Bowflex Treadclimber, there’s no need to go out of your way to hike. It provides the same experience without wasting too much of your time and effort. The brand is well-known for providing high-end workout devices for personal use.

Bowflex Treadclimber TC100. This device is one of the earlier versions but is still widely famous these days. It has a landing platform that can double as a safety net when you want to rest or you lose your footing. It uses the most advanced LCD backlit screen. The calorie monitor, time, distance, speed, your very own profile is displayed on the screen for better monitoring. It’s easier to know about your progress or to determine whether you’ve reached the prescribed level of workout. The highest peak of inclination is 14.5 inches from the ground. Warranty coverage lasts for 2 years.

Bowflex TC200. The newer of the two, it doesn’t have the platform. You’ll immediately step on the treadclimber the moment you use it. However, it’s dimensions are wider and the length is longer compared to TC100. This way, you can still be certain of your safety. The same things are displayed on the LCD backlit screen. But it also offers and uses a heart rate monitor. Some people prefer the comprehensiveness of TC200. The maximum inclination for the climber is 17 inches from the ground. It’s steeper and higher for a more challenging climb.

Treadmills vs. Treadclimbers

Most people are confused about the two devices. Both are used for cardio exercises. But the mill is often used for constant running. Treadmills are usually flat, so it’s easier to keep your running pace. The climber encourages you to climb. It inclines the moment you use it. For that reason, it’s more suitable for people who wish to use hiking. Climbers are easier on the joints since there’s no need to speed up in order to burn more.

Price comparison

Compared to the common treadmill, a treadclimber is pricier and more expensive. However, it effectively provides the type of results required to help you in achieving your goals. There are differences depending on where you purchase and how you decide to buy these devices. Through browsing and comparing Amazon prices, you’ll have a better grasp on what the differences are.



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