Five ways to determine that you hired a fake fitness trainer

Anyone can call themselves a personal trainer, much worse they consider themselves professional for whatever reasons especially those who frequently seen at the gym.

In reality, becoming a personal fitness trainer is completely hard, and an effective fitness trainer that is. You have to undergo a multi-disciplinary knowledge and education to get under the skin of the client and also the perseverance to put in for long hours and the ability to read how to communicate with people because wannabe trainers are just gym-goers who just wants your attention than helping you.

In reality, the best fitness trainers have invested their effort and time in the progress of their clients. They will take care of you and push you to your limits so that you can overcome your weaknesses and build not just muscles and strength, but most of all self-esteem and healthier life.

To help you out in spotting a fake fitness trainer, check out the rest of this article that will tell you that you are dealing with a fake fitness trainer courtesy of the best mobile personal trainer Adelaide has.

  1. mobile personal trainer AdelaideThey use the mirrors a lot vainly– A good personal trainer will require you to lift weights and do your workouts in front of the mirror to make sure you execute the proper form, however, a fake fitness trainer will use the mirror a lot for vanity rather than looking at their client’s reflection on the mirror and check if they executive the proper form of the exercise.
  2. Does not inspire you to get fit– A good trainer can coach you, motivate you, provides you proper exercise instruction, and will provide you the right nutrition, while a fake fitness trainer does not care for you at all. They could either give you some instructions and watch you do the workout without even correcting your form.
  3. Coaches you less– A wannabe fitness trainer does not have faith in their own ability to help their clients see results, and they live in constant fear of losing their clients that is why their main technique is to befriend their clients instead of helping their clients get fit and healthy, so all they do is chit-chat the entire workout instead of supervising the exercise. Much worse, they flirt with their clients.
  4. Wasting your time on a treadmill– Although cardio is an important part of working out, however, if your trainer will let you spend for more than twenty minutes on a treadmill just running and jogging while him or her is just standing on the side wasting your time, then you have to replace that trainer right away. Their focus should be quality workout divided into equal proportion.
  5. Does not record your progress– One of the main reasons you hire a fitness trainer is to record your progress and the aspects of your workout you need to improve on, however, your current trainer does not even take note of your current weight and the weight you lost. Getting fit is an expensive investment that is why you keep records of your progress.

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