Are you faced with a dental emergency case?

What should you do in a dental emergency case! Do you need to visit an emergency dentist, or can you postpone it? Well, it should be noted that the first and most important thing in the case of a dental emergency is to refer to the emergency dental clinic.

As an expert at Dentist New West explains, some dental issues may not be accompanied by pain. However, they are considered serious emergency cases. So, visiting a dentist and having the mouth examined plays an important role in patients’ oral and dental health.

Emergency Dental Cases

Usually, any dental cases accompanied by pain, bleeding, and swelling are considered emergency cases. The pain is severe, and the bleeding is uncontrollable. Moreover, bad breath and bad taste in the mouth indicate that there is an infection in the mouth. Infection is a life-threatening situation and should be treated as soon as possible. If it is left untreated, it may spread and involve the patient’s body and brain. Generally, the following cases are emergency:

– Avulsed tooth

– Tooth displacement

– Infection

– Broken or cracked tooth

– Broken or loose crown

– Intense pain

– Missing dental restorations

– Bleeding and swelling

Each situation is unique. You may suffer from pain, and you do not have any choice except to rush to the emergency dental office in the shortest possible time. However, some cases can be addressed a few days later. For example, a missing or broken dental restoration can be restored two to three days later. The patient can use a sugar-free gum and place it on his or her tooth until visiting the emergency dentist.

Some patients who exercise or participate in physical activity may experience an injury to their face and mouth. Then they may suffer from pain or bleeding that is obviously an emergency case, and the patient should visit the emergency dentist right after. However, s/he may not notice any symptoms. It should be noted that in some cases, such as a cracked tooth, the patient might not experience any pain or discomfort while the root of his or her tooth is exposed to air and require root canal therapy. Therefore, visiting the emergency dentist after any injuries or trauma is of the essence. The emergency dentist takes x-rays to reveal any issue.

What to Do?

As mentioned before, booking an appointment with an emergency dentist is the right solution. It is clear that an emergency case is a frightening situation. But the patient should control his or her stress and call the emergency dental clinic. The staff will tell him or her what to do until reaching the emergency dental office. The patient should follow the instructions and then rush to the emergency dental clinic.

The emergency dentist specializes in different types of treatment, including root canal treatment or endodontics, tooth extraction, and placing dental crowns. The patient should also provide the right information to the emergency dentist in order to offer the best treatment plan.

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