What Are Dental Emergencies in Dentistry?

Many people do not even think that a dental emergency may happen to their teeth and oral health, and they have no imagination about dental emergencies. Everyone gets stress when thinking about going to an emergency dental clinic, which is true for children and adults. Besides, we should note that emergency dental issues are prevalent, and all of us may experience one type of it during our lives. Dental emergencies lead to severe problems if left untreated. For example, in the case of a knocked-out tooth or an emergency tooth extraction, you can face an alveolar ridge’s shrinkage. However, based on an article in Faze, Dr. Behnam Bohlouli, a professional dentist from Smile Point Dental, argues that you can prevent this problem by ridge preservation stage.

This is why you should never waste time in the event of a dental emergency. Any dental problem such as a crack, fracture, or chip in your tooth may be a dental emergency, even if it seems minor and unimportant to you. Proper treatment must be your priority, and you would better not be patient for going to an emergency dental clinic since they put you in trouble. You will have to pay a lot of money or spend much time treating your dental problem if you don’t seek treatment.

Do You Know Where to Go for a Dental Emergency? 

You should always have the address or phone number of an easy-to-access emergency dental clinic in mind so that when you face the problem, you don’t have to spend time finding an emergency dental clinic. An experienced emergency dentist can typically save your tooth by immediate and proper treatment.

What Are Common Dental Emergencies

Having some information about different kinds of dental emergencies is also necessary for everyone. When you face a dental problem, this information can help you understand whether your case is an emergency or not. Here we mention some of the most common dental emergencies.

Tooth Fracture

 When your tooth is fractured, broken, or chipped, visit an emergency dentist in no time. Before reaching the dental clinic, you would better rinse your mouth with lukewarm water. You should also find the separated piece of your tooth if it is broken. Put the part of your tooth in a glass of milk, not tap water, until you visit your emergency dentist.

Knocked-out Tooth

When your tooth gets knocked out, do not hesitate to visit your emergency dentist because time is gold if you want to save your tooth. Remember, you only have an hour to reach the nearest emergency dental clinic unless no treatment helps you save your natural tooth again. Do not touch your knocked-out tooth by its root. Hold the tooth from its crown or keep it in some milk until you can visit an emergency dentist.

Severe Toothache

The signs of your dental emergency may not be visible, but severe toothache shows that something is wrong with your tooth, and you should visit your emergency dentist as soon as possible. Do not forget that toothaches never happen for no reason, and you would better find their root before anything worse happens to you.

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