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The hormones of pregnancy that you need to be aware about

Estrogen along with HCG is the pregnancy hormones that each one of us might be aware. But at the same time there are other hormones which prepare your body for pregnancy and contribute to the process of childbirth. Let us now observe some of the common pregnancy hormones


You can term it as a hormone of bonding and love. The role of this hormone is huge as it helps the mother during pregnancy and childbirth. The utility of the hormone does extend beyond childbirth as well. This hormone is present throughout the course of pregnancy and extends much beyond that. It does go on to predict the bonding behaviour between babies and mothers during the first trimester of pregnancy. During the start phase of labour, when the contraction of uterus occurs this does lead to the rising levels of this hormone.

During the last stage of labour and that is after the baby is born, the function of this hormone would be to keep the uterus contracting. This would mean that out of the uterus you push out the placenta. You are going to cordon off the blood vessels that are being attached to it. In the meantime the uterus does go on to shrink back to its normal size. When higher levels of this hormone are found it does encourage mutual attachment between the mother and the baby. At the same time, it leads to a let-down reflux which points to the fact that the breasts will go on to produce more milk.


The essence of this hormone would be to get rid for the show and it is high time you loosen up. When does relaxin peak in pregnancy that does cause to be an issue.The moment you do become pregnancy when does relaxin peak during pregnancy and the answer would be the first trimester. It does go on to help with the growth or the implantation of the placenta and this does prevent any form of preterm birth where the uterus is contracted. If you observe an unwanted Impact of this hormone it would lead to the loosening phase of the non-pregnancy symptoms as well.


This works out to be the milk production hormone. You will figure out that the main function of this hormone and it has been found that it does go on to increase by close to 20 times during the time of pregnancy. It does prepare the breasts for lactation. Once the baby is born, the levels of this hormone do go on to increase and this would lead to increased production of milk. So that the levels of this hormone are maintained and to ensure high production of milk, you might need to pump or breastfeed. If you perform any of these actions it would lead to the stimulation and release of this hormone. In the meantime it does go on to lead to the production of more milk.