When to see a urologist? Find here!

A urologist is a physician specializing in treatment of urinary tract conditions and problems of the male reproductive system. Urologists don’t treat problems of the woman’s reproductive system, but female patients may visit them for conditions such as urinary incontinence and overactive bladder. For people suffering from kidney stones and erectile dysfunction, a urologist is typically their primary physician. When should you see a urologist in Queens New York? Below are a few symptoms worth knowing.

Common symptoms

If you have pain or a sensation of burning when urinating, it could be the sign of a urinary tract infection. Other reasons why you may have to see a urologist include –

–          There are persistent changes in your urine color

–          You have spotted blood in your urine

–          There is an urge to frequently urinate

–          You want to urinate but cannot

–          There is urinary incontinence

–          You are constipated

–          You have unexplained back pain

–          You have a history of kidney stones

–          You have hernia

–          You have prostate problems

–          You have a history of enlarged prostate

–          You have erectile dysfunction

If you are interested in long-term birth control, such as vasectomy, you will have to consult a urologist anyway.

right urologist

Don’t feel anxious

Many people, especially men with prostate or ED issues, do have their reservations about seeing a urologist. You should remember that a urologist is just like any other physician, and the first appointment is likely to follow a similar pattern. You may be asked to give a urine sample, complete the paperwork, and meet the urologist in person, which is followed by a physical exam. During the first appointment, your urologist will ask a bunch of different questions, where they will want to know your symptoms better and may recommend a few tests. Diagnostic tests are usually required for most urinary tract problems, and once you get the reports, you can expect to get a proper diagnosis and plan of treatment.

Make sure that you consider a reliable and known urologist for your condition, and ensure that you are comfortable asking questions. Experienced urologists do their best to make patients at ease to talk of health concerns, especially when it concerns aspects like ED.

Do women need to see a urologist?

While urologists do not treat conditions related to the female reproductive system, women may need a urologist for specific conditions, such as urinary incontinence and urinary tract infections. Fallen Bladder, or cystocele, is one of the other reasons why women may require visiting a urologist. For treatment of urinary stones in the kidneys too, a urologist is typically consulted, or your general physical may recommend the same.

Check online now to find the top urologists in your area in NY and schedule an appointment. Ignoring the symptoms will make the symptoms worse in the long run. Urinary tract concerns, especially diseases like kidney stones and UTIs, may cause further problems and health scares, and with the right urologist, you can expect proper diagnosis and early treatment.

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