What You Need to Know About Australian Kunzea Oil

Many people around the world are now introduced to the wonders of Australian kunzea oil. It is something that should always be present in your medicine cabinet. If you haven’t heard about it, here are some things that you should know about the AUSTRALIAN KUNZEA OIL:

What is kunzea oil?
Kunzea oil is an essential oil extracted from Kunzea ambigua plant branches. This plant is a member of Melaleuca family that grows in the Tasmanian wilderness. The extracts are famous for its fresh and clean aroma.

What is it used for?
Kunzea oil gives relief to pain and also reduces inflammation. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties that can be of great help to people enduring arthritis, joint stiffness, muscle aches, back pain, neck pain and inflamed skin conditions. Basically, it can relax the muscles at the same time improve blood flow to calm the nerve endings. Kunzea oil soothes the skin by calming it.

kunzea-oil-plus-caseWhat are the risks associated with kunzea oil?
Before using it, you have to know the risks involved. Experts are recommending that you should not take it pure. The composition of kunzea oil is safe. It has low contents of cineole 1 & 8, which is not toxic even if diluted. There are no ongoing studies of its effects on pregnant women. If you want to apply it, be sure to inform the doctor. To know if you have allergies, consider applying a small amount to your inner forearm and watch out for the reactions.

For adults and children, it was found out that kunzea oil is safe when applied directly to the skin. However, if you are dealing with a baby below six months, try to seek the doctor’s approval first. For people taking blood thinner medications, they should be careful when applying the product.

What are Zea Relief products?
These products contain Australian kunzea oil. Zea Relief products are composed of natural ingredients that focus on the source of the pain to promote healing. It promises to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin to calm the pain.

Where to buy kunzea oil?
Kunzea oil is available online. However, you have to be vigilant in choosing a seller or vendor. Make sure that the seller is reputable. Look for product reviews to be sure of the quality.

Does it have a scent?
Unlike other essential oils like Tea Tree, kunzea oil doesn’t have any strong aroma or scent. In fact, many people associate the oil to an Australian bush, which smells clean and fresh. Do not worry because it is pleasing to the nose.

Why is it better than any products?
Zea Relief is made from 100% natural ingredients. It is utilizes packaging that is eco-friendly. Unlike other pain relieving oils, kunzea oils will soothe and not burn the skin. Even to the most sensitive skin, kunzea can be applied directly.

Now that you know the use of kunzea oil, it is not yet too late to place your order and avail of the good things that it can do to your skin. The price is not expensive so there is no reason not to consider it at all.

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