What is Athlete’s Foot disease? Explain some prevention tips

Athlete’s foot also known as tinea pedis is a kind of fungal infection that generally seems in between the toes. This disease starts begin in those individuals who wore tight shoes and their feet remain sweaty. This disease is very much similar to the other fungal infections like jock itching, ringworm. Many Athlete foot specialist around us can treat this disease by using anti-fungal medications. The important thing about this disease is that it may occur again and again in an individual after getting treatment. Under this disease, the outer layer of the foot kin gets affected mainly when it feels warm, wet, and irritating. It involves a scabby rash on the skin that can cause itching, stinging, and burning.

Athlete’s infection occurs due to the fungus name as Trichophyton. This fungus is commonly found on the floors and clothes. Due to this disease, the skin becomes damaging when getting a warm and moisture situation. When the redness between the toes starts visibly you should take care of your feet because it may result in Athlete’s foot infection. This is a contagious disease and can generally be treated with medication over-the-counter. The people, who have a weak immune system or diabetes, must go to the doctor as soon as possible when it became visible in their foot.

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Causes: Any type of organism grows when it finds a favourable atmosphere. Similarly, Athlete’s foot fungus starts to grow when it finds a warm and moist condition. It may also spread due to the contact of any other infected person because it is a contagious disease. Damp shocks can also become a cause for the infection.

Symptoms: During the Athlete’s foot infection a scaly res rash is found on the foot of the individual. It usually seems in between the toes. After when you take off your shoes and socks, itching starts around the infected place.

Prevention: If someone takes care of his feet properly, this disease can be avoided. Here are some tips that can keep your feet healthy.

  1. Keep the feet dry all time: Always try to keep your feet open so that the chances for the infection decrease.
  2. Wear fresh socks: Change the socks regularly and always wear fresh.
  3. Do not wear heavy or packed shoes: It is good for you to wear ventilated shoes that have light weight.
  4. Do not use the same shoes regularly: It is better to use the alternate pair of shoes and keep them dry after each use.

Conclusion: Athlete’s foot disease is a very common infection that seems generally in men. It happens due to regular moisture and humid in the feet.

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