Try a Zumba Dance Class in Thailand

Zumba dance is one of the best ways to achieve fitness, flexibility, coordination ability, and body strength through salsa-style and Latin music. The Zumba dance class has music playing at 145 beats per minute. This speed is fast enough to build enough anaerobic endurance. Zumba dance also is incorporated with body movements, music, squats, polymeric jumps, and slow push-ups intervals. You will be able to do all these practices when you join Keen to try a Zumba Dance class in Thailand. The push-ups are done against the wall, and they are slow in nature. During this kind of workout, you get a chance to work the hips, shoulders, and stomach with specific movements as directed by the trainer. Zumba dance helps you strengthen your ankles and calves. You have no reason not to join the Keen to try Zumba dance class because we offer you a free trial guest pass today. If you never knew that you could work our classes for free, then go to the Fitness First website and get yourself a free guest pass. We will be glad to give a treat that you will always wish for every day when you want to go to a gym.

What is Zumba Dance?

When you hear music you love, you begin to move your body in a particular manner as per the beats. There are many kinds of dancing, and each is different. Just like every other dancing style, Zumba involves music. The only difference is that in most cases, it’s done with the purpose of body training. However, the kind of music that Zumba involves is a combination of South America and Latin moves and dancing styles such as salsa, samba, and mambo. It also incorporates the hip-hop elements that add fun into the workout session. Our Keen to try a Zumba Dance class in Thailand provides a blend of slow to fast workout routines that will lure you into dancing to the beat and working out a sweat without realizing that you’re working out. It’s one of the most motivating and fun workout classes that a person can do. The different kinds of Zumba dance you will take include Aqua Zumba, Zumba Toning, and Zumba for kids.

You can do it even when you’re not a dancer

You don’t need to be a professional dancer to join our Zumba dance class. We provide instructors who take you through a professional move to help you work out as you enjoy the music. The instructors are welcoming and very supportive, and a day with them can transform your perception towards Zumba dance and workouts. Again, the class does not involve experienced people. There is room for beginners to join the Keen to try a Zumba Dance class in Thailand, and start their fitness journey from here. However, if you’re a fan of music and you love working out with music, Fitness First provides other dance classes for fitness that you can join and workout as you have fun. One of the best dance-fitness classes includes the Body Jam. You can check out the Dance classes from your local Fitness First gym and begin straight away.

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