The Important Things To Do When You Plan For A Fertility Check-Up

Conceiving a child is one of the most special gift a couple can receive, and if you have been trying to form a child out of your love but without any luck at all, you may want to visit a doctor who can give you a fertility health test to check if either you or your partner have problems with fertility which can be treated at all.

This kind of health check offers you and your partner a snapshot of your reproductive potential. The doctor that will handle your case is usually an obstetrician and gynecologist by allowing them for a timely intervention if your partner or you have an issue with regards to fertility detected in your body.

In this article, let us discuss the important steps that you should take when you are planning to schedule a fertility check-up. This is very helpful for those who are having fertility problems and having difficulties to form a child.


Any couple who badly wants to conceive may get a fertility health check, and this includes newlyweds ages 20 and up and women above 35 years-old who are yet to conceive for the first time. This type of check-up is ideal for women who experienced symptoms of menstrual cramps, any pelvic pain and having irregular periods or have the suspicion that medical prescription drugs may affect their fertility.


This kind of check-up is usually involved a formal consultation that lasts 20 to 40 minutes for each couple that includes the laboratory examinations of their samples, while the in-depth interviews for the couple are conducted by the obstetrician and gynecologist for fertility problem screening. This is then followed by scanning the pelvic area of the female and furnish a detailed examination of the female reproductive organ according to a well-trusted and very reliable fertility check up Singapore facility.

Fertility Check-UpThe obstetrician and gynecologist who should be a fertility specialist will be scheduling the female partner to undergo a blood test to come up with a sound assessment of her hormonal balance, her egg reserve, her ovulatory status and other essential examinations that are needed to find out the cause of her infertility. Also, the male partner is required to undergo a semen analysis to check the sperm count and the quality of the sperm. The semen sample is collected right at the clinic of the doctor via masturbation, but first, the couple should have at least two to seven days of abstinence, or they can bring a sample they collected from home after an hour of production, or maybe it can be collected via a sexual intercourse by using an anti-spermicidal condom that can be bought at pharmacies.


With regards of the place that you should be going, it is very ideal to head straight to a fertility clinic rather than heading to a hospital or a regular doctor’s clinic so that the obstetrician and gynecologist can immediately conduct the needed examinations for the couple. Also, the most important segment in this kind of situation is the decision of the couple to undergo the needed tests so that the doctor can come up with the diagnosis and possible treatments for their fertility issues taking into account both the partner’s factors involved in their case.

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