The Cracks and the Freedom: The Choices

Crack is a distinct way of bringing the cocaine molecule to the brain. Cocaine is known to be a substance found in a bush originating from the Andes, with Bolivia, Peru and Colombia as its main producers. The natives of this region chew coca leaves since before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century. In the nineteenth century, the plant was taken to Europe where it was identified which was the substance that caused its effect. This was then called cocaine. You need a proper drug rehabilitation there.

From then on, chemical processes were used to separate cocaine from coca leaf, generating a white powder, cocaine hydrochloride. Since the nineteenth century, this white powder has been used by cocaine users either through its nasal inhalation or dissolved in water through its injection into the veins. Using different manufacturing processes, in addition to white powder, smokable shapes can be produced.

Drug RehabilitationThey are: merla, coca paste and crack

These different forms of cocaine molecule administration (inhaled, injected or smoked) have distinct effects on the individual. When the drug is smoked, it causes large amounts of cocaine molecules to reach the brain almost immediately producing an explosive effect, described by people who use it as a sensation of intense pleasure. This sequence is experienced by users with compulsive behavior in which individuals often fall into a spiral where the acts of using the drug and finding ways to use it alternate faster and faster. Another difference between crack and powder cocaine is that for drug producers crack is much cheaper. In short, crack is a very inexpensive way to get cocaine molecules to the brain in seconds with a very intense effect.

Crack – A Powerful Drug:

Crack is a substance derived from the mixture of cocaine and alkaline substances such as sodium bicarbonate. Its boiling point is low because it is basic in nature and can therefore be smoked. Heating this mixture causes precipitation of cocaine crystals. They are smoked in pipes.

Crack is the most harmful way to use cocaine, gaining wide space among addicts, forming a worrying picture in public health, just as, or worse, than already is the use of cocaine.

What has been most noticeable is the change in the common use of cocaine for crack administration, being today one of the main drugs that cause death, in addition to various factors such as unemployment, psychological distress and family, social, moral degradation, etc.

Experts who know deeply about the effects of crack on the body say that taking a drag is not enough for the user to become addicted, but becoming a drug addict is a quick process. Going the other way, however, is very difficult, but crack treatment is required.


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