Smartest Details for the Use CBD Suppositories

Constipation is often accompanied by hormonal disorders (hypopituitarism, hyperparathyroidism) and electrolyte, nerve and muscle diseases (after spinal injury, MS). The cause of problems may also be intestinal disease (e.g. blocked intestinal lumen by polyps, fecal stones, post-inflammatory stenosis), as well as medications (e.g. antidepressants).

How to remedy this?

Change your diet and use CBD Suppositories. Limit the amount of products that slow down the emptying of the intestine including white bread, rice, semolina, pudding, chocolate, cocoa, strong black tea, red wine. However, enter into the diet more products stimulating intestinal peristalsis (vegetables and fruits, wholemeal bread, cereal, fermented milk products curdled, kefir, yoghurts). Remember that foods containing a lot of fiber need to be introduced gradually, getting used to the body – too sudden change in diet can cause abdominal pain and bloating.

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Enjoy the food 

Irregular, rash meals lead to constipation. Insufficiently bitten and chewed food is slower digested. When it is in the intestines, excessive fermentation occurs, making it difficult to transport and excrete.

How to remedy this? The solution is to eat meals at fixed times, slowly and thoroughly chewing.

Drink a lot of water

One of the reasons for constipation is too little fluid intake. Defending against dehydration, the body absorbs water from the intestinal content, and then in the intestine remains a dry and hard mass that is difficult to excrete.

How to remedy this? During the day you need to provide the body with approximately 2.5-3 liters of fluids. This amount also includes soups or juice found in vegetables and fruits. In addition to meals, it is best to drink weak tea (supports digestion) and non-carbonated water.

Move more

A sedentary lifestyle weakens the abdominal muscle muscles responsible for proper defecation.

How to remedy this? The improvement can be brought by the daily walk, cycling, swimming or regular, not too much gymnastics.


Stress affects the functioning of the so-called a vegetative nervous system that regulates the operation of all internal organs. Long-lasting tension or mental strain can therefore contribute to digestive disorders and constipation.

How to remedy this? A walk, a good movie, yoga exercises or a warm aromatic bath – you have to find the best way to calm down your emotions and relax your muscles.

Laxatives – only if other methods of constipation fail

Then you should reach for laxatives, but you have to use them very carefully. Their long-term use makes the intestines lazy, which may have a problem returning to their proper pace of work after discontinuing the preparation.

Preparations containing plant fibers, swelling in the intestine, increase the mass of stool (Pektynki, Ispagul). However, they have a carminative effect and can cause bloating. However, in order for them to have the desired effect, they must be used regularly for 1-2 weeks.

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