Scalp scrub: what is it?

It is a cosmetic treatment that aims to remove smog, dust and residues that settle on the head. In the worst case these agents result in itching and flaking which the scrub helps to eliminate. Inside we find exfoliating and cleansing agents enriched with vegetable oils that nourish the hair and eliminate the most superficial layer of the epidermis, freeing the skin from dead cells Looking for the best dandruff treatment in Singapore? Click here.

Scalp scrub: how to use it?

Looking for the best dandruff treatment in Singapore? Click here.

The procedure is quite simple and consists of following the following steps:

take a minimum amount of product and apply it on wet hair ;

massage the scrub for a few minutes all over the head, applying pressure to the areas where dandruff can form;

leave to act for a few minutes;

finally rinse with lukewarm water and proceed with the usual shampoo plus conditioner and to obtain an even more shiny hair, also apply a nourishing mask.

The scalp exfoliation should be done once a month: in fact, the cells of the epidermis are renewed approximately every 28 days . It is advisable not to do it too frequently , in order not to damage the regular production of sebum and the natural balance.

Scalp scrub: the benefits

Whether you have oily hair, whether you have dry or normal hair, the benefits of this beauty treatment are many:

gives strength, vitality and brightness to the hair;

counteracts the appearance of annoying problems such as dandruff, dry, oily skin, itching, flaking ;

thoroughly cleans the scalp by re-oxygenating the hair bulbs ;

promotes hair growth ;

eliminates impurities and dead cells, smog and dust ;

reactivates the subcutaneous microcirculation thanks to the massage performed to apply the product;

normalizes the production of sebum in a delicate way without attacking the hydrolipidic film.

Who is it recommended for?

Due to its normalizing and cleansing characteristics it can be used for all types of hair , both dry and oily. In fact, on the one hand it avoids the overproduction of sebum by rebalancing the protective film of the scalp and on the other hand it purifies the hair and eliminates any impurities , making them appear healthier and brighter.

What active ingredients should it contain?

What active ingredients can a good scalp exfoliating product contain?

Nettle : fortifying, purifying and anti-dandruff action.

Peppermint: has the function of stimulating the hair follicle and promotes hair growth.

Lavender: helps to fortify and give shine to the hair.

Witch hazel : promotes the microcirculation of the scalp, moisturizes and soothes.

Aloe vera gel: with a soothing, moisturizing and stimulating action.

Vitamin E : nourishing and protective function of the hair.

Hemp: moisturizing, protective and strengthening function.


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