Lose weight by a low carb meal replacement shake

Shakes that replace your meal and help lose weight are meal replacement shakes. They come in powdered form or liquid form or form. A high protein and low carbohydrates diet are the major contributors to loose weight. Most of us see our friends and try to copy them. One starts to get rid of carbohydrates in the diet and replace them with protein. But by doing this one misses out most of the nutrients needed by the body for wear and tear. That is the reason one opts for a complete meal i.e. Nutri Inspector, low carb meal replacement shake.

Nutri InspectorSome of the top brands are:

  • Isopure zero carb protein powder – This protein shake is ideally for body builders or those who desire to increase body mass. It gives the best protein energy, while reduced fat and carbohydrates. This shake is best for body builders and athletes. It contains 100% pure whey protein isolate in 42 grams and contains 210 calories. It is exceedingly absorbed by the body as the amino rich protein source. The pros and cons are it helps to curb hunger pangs for long hours; it does not have added preservatives and is sugar free.  It comes in many flavours like chocolate, strawberry and cream.
  • Atkins Shake powder – is a low carb shale with 160 calories and about 15 grams of protein. Its packed with all the vitamins like A, C, E and D. The advantages of this shake are that the shakes are quite sweet to taste better. Being less in calorie count it makes it a better option. As weight loss is all about the amount of calories you take is less than the calories burnt. The cons are hardly any except the sweetness that may be a lot for some. Over all this shake is the best, and it comes in creamy chocolate flavour.
  • Eas Myoplex katogenic powder packets – It reduces the muscle proteins breakdown during exercises and is a perfect support for those on Katogenic diet. It has a balanced ratio of nutrients, comes with two flavours and can be used as a meal replacement. The cons of this shake is that its hard to get it smooth. It comprises of whey protein that prickles insulin.

There are many of us who are always in a hurry and miss out the most important meal of the day. So Nutri Inspector meal replacement shake is the best option. As it prevents the body to keep balance and loose out the proteins and other nutrients that are required for normal wear and tear of the body.

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