How to Choose the Affordable Chiropractor Singapore

In some cases, chiropractic treatment or acupuncture may suffice, and sometimes an injection or even surgery is needed. The back pain is due to various causes and accordingly has the various treatments. To treat properly, and get rid of the pain, it is important to diagnose the cause and get an idea of choosing the right and affordable chiropractor singapore treatment options that are relevant to you.

Lower back pain, pregnant back pain, herniated disc, busy back, and the like – all express sharp and unbearable pain along the back that can disrupt your life. Then you feel limited in your activities. The penetrating pain is sometimes paralyzing, and it is almost impossible to find a resting position.

What exactly is a herniated disc, and how do you deal with it?

One cannot be confused with the sharp pain radiating from the lower back to the limbs, not necessarily during exertion. Strong lower back pain radiates to entire areas, and sometimes the pain is also accompanied by a feeling of circumcision.

Treatment of a herniated disc

In treatment, the chiropractor applies gentle pressure and performs stretching in the area. This is how it lowers the intra-disc pressure.

If the pain continues to be unbearable, after the anti-inflammatory treatment and after the chiropractic treatment, the patient is referred for an epidural injection.

What does the chiropractor do?

A chiropractor is a perfect person to treat pain and problems of various types such as severe lower back pain, tail bone pain, neck pain, upper back pain, chronic pain, back muscle strengthening, back problems, lower back disc herniation, middle back pain, and more.

affordable chiropractor singapore

Severe back pain – All causes and Treatments

The first cause is an injury, blow, God forbid, an accident that causes local damage and pain. Another cause is osteoporosis, which causes fractures in the spine and leads to severe back pain. Disc herniation (dislocation of the disc) is another known cause of very severe back pain.

There can also be various degenerative diseases, joint diseases, or congenital diseases that affect the spine and cause back pain.

At the chiropractor, you will receive a variety of exercises designed to treat lower back pain, for practice in your free time. At the first visit, the chiropractor will only diagnose the problem and its causes.

From the past experience, it is learnt that patients who stop treatment when they “feel good” return with the same challenging health problems that brought them to the clinic for the first time, but this time their condition is worse.

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