Health Screening at Home – Comfort and Convenience

Screenings are the tests that look for various diseases before you have severe symptoms. It helps in diagnosing the disease at an early stage. At this time, they are easier to treat, and you can prevent them from worsening. While many people tend to go to the clinics or hospitals to get them screened, others might take the services of health screening at home because of many reasons.

Why should screening be done?

There are many benefits of going through a health screening, including the following:

health screening at home

  • Treat symptoms sooner

Many diseases don’t show symptoms until they are at later stages which makes it very difficult to treat them. The sooner the disease will be diagnosed, the sooner you will get rid of the symptoms.


  • Improve lifestyle

When you know you are leading a healthy life, you strive to maintain it that way. You constantly work on your health that improves the lifestyle you are leading.

Home health screening

Everyone doesn’t have time to physically go to the doctor for timely screening. The reasons can be busy and hectic work schedules, tiredness, or just not being comfortable stepping into a hospital. Whatever the reason is, the solution is only one and that is to get health screening at home by experts without compromising the quality.

There are significant benefits of getting screened at home including the following:

  • Comfort and privacy

You can get adequate privacy and comfort by getting screened within the walls of your home. Also, convenience matters. The effectiveness of the screening remains the same and doesn’t affect the quality in any way.

  • Low overall cost

Travelling to the clinics can be expensive apart from being time-consuming. You can avoid the hassle and money by availing yourself of the home screening services. Isn’t that wonderful?

Jaga me is one of the best clinics in Singapore that offers home screening services. The doctors help you in the following manner:

  • Your height and weight are recorded along with your blood pressure. The blood sample is taken for the testing.
  • The blood test can show anything between blood cholesterol, diabetes, and hypertension according to your medical health.
  • You can have a teleconsultation with the doctors about your health reports, providing the maximum convenience at no or minimal effort by you.

You can book a health screening at home now. The prices differ on the weekdays and weekends by a slight margin. The cost for the weekend screening is more if compared to the weekdays’ prices. If you also want to keep your health in check, contact Jaga me.

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