Get To Know About How To Clean Ortho K Contact Lenses

Vision correction is reversible, non-invasive, non-surgical, and safe for adults and children. For those who want to keep their vision clear at night without using glasses, how to clean ortho k contact lenses are a revolutionary new kind of night-time lens.

The Four Steps To Clear Vision With Ortho-K Lenses

  • Ensure your Ortho K lenses are in place before you turn in for the night.
  • A peaceful night’s sleep
  • Placing the Ortho K lenses in a solution is best to clean them.

Ortho-K: What Is It Exactly?

Ortho-K is an exact corneal reshaping device, and Orthokeratology, or “eye braces,” is occasionally referred to. Like Invisalign and braces, Ortho-bespoke K’s hard contact lenses gradually and delicately modify the eye’s front surface.

how to clean ortho k contact lenses

Because of training, orthokeratology lenses cannot be prescribed or fitted by all optometrists. Ortho-K lenses by orthokeratologists are optometrists with expertise and experience in this area, much as orthodontists do with dental braces.

As a member of the American Academy of Orthokeratology & Myopia Control, our expert orthokeratology is always up to date on the most current treatment choices.

Digital corneal topography, ocular biometry, and 3D lens design are available at our clinic to ensure our patients receive the best results from their Ortho-K vision treatment. How to clean ortho k contact lenses is a great place to start your search for a local Ortho-K specialist.

Benefits Of Ortho-Use K’s

Prescriptions up to -7.00 may be accommodated with Ortho-K lenses, with more excellent medications possible if the patient has a good fit. Myopia prescriptions may be as high as -10.00 dioptres.

Orthokeratology lenses eliminate the need for eyeglasses or daytime contacts while still providing clear vision. Since conventional connections cause their eyes to become excessively dry, several of our clients have been wearing soft contact lenses for a long time. Laser surgery is an option for some patients, but they first wish to attempt a non-invasive therapy, or their prescription hasn’t stabilized enough to allow a long-term procedure.

What Is Ortho-K, And How Does It Work?”

This kind of gas-permeable contact lens is known as ortho-K. The lens and crafted to act in tandem with the tear layer of the eye to shape the cornea as the wearer sleeps gently. Therapeutic effects may be pre-programmed for specific prescriptions, eye shapes, and visual demands in each entirely tailored lens. Putting on Ortho K lenses is a fun and rewarding experience.

The cornea slowly returns to its natural shape when the lens’s effect wears off. Numerous individuals choose non-surgical, non-permanent Ortho-K as an alternative to laser surgery when seeking to treat malocclusions. There is an additional benefit to this treatment: it may significantly decrease myopia progression in children.

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