CPAP Causing Heart Diseases: Here’s What You Should Know

For years, CPAPs have been used and trusted by patients with sleep apnea to help them sleep better. However, due to the recent Philips CPAP controversy, many people face severe health injuries and file lawsuits for CPAP.

If you have bought a Philips CPAP machine and used it yourself, your life may be at risk. It is suggested to discontinue using the device and consult a doctor immediately.

Do Philips CPAP machines cause heart diseases?

Philips has recently recalled millions of models of their CPAP, BiPAP, and mechanical ventilators. They sent a notification to all their customers warning them about the negative impacts of the devices on their health.

Among the many diseases, Philips CPAP devices can cause heart diseases such as heart attack or heart failure in a human.

The Philips CPAP machines constitute a sound abatement foam that is made of polyester-based polyurethane or PE-PUR. This foam was meant to reduce the vibrations and sound of the CPAP device while sleeping for interrupted sleep. However, this foam has proved to be harmful to our hearts.

Upon using the machine, this foam gets degraded into tiny particles, then swallowed by the person using the device. Upon degradation, it also emits harmful chemicals which get inhaled by the user. This material can harm the user’s life.

When you inhale these dust particles, they settle in your lungs which causes inflammation of the heart. This can result in a heart attack.

Philips CPAP machine

Many people who were using Philips CPAP machines have reported symptoms of heart diseases.

How to know if Philips CPAP machine has affected your heart

Several customers have faced side effects after using Philips CPAP machines. Some side effects are- headache, fatigue, vomiting/nausea, irritation, hypersensitivity, cough, dizziness, and various breathing problems. If you have experienced these symptoms, you may be affected by the CPAP machine.

It is suggested to confirm with Philips if your device is recalled and discontinue using it. You should urgently consult your doctor and go for a checkup.

What can I do if the Philips CPAP machine has affected me?

If you have been affected by the Philips CPAP machine, you can file a lawsuit against Philips. But before that, it is essential to collect specific evidence which may help strengthen your case. In such times, a lawyer can help you the best and guide you.

Try to collect evidence of your purchase of CPAP devices from Philips and document proof of your injury. This may include your doctor’s or hospital’s official report.

The right lawyer can help you strategize your case and get you the most compensation. To find the perfect lawyer for your CPAP lawsuit, contact Shouse Law Group today.

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