Concussion Related to Sports

The number of children who suffered concussion during sports has doubled in the last decade. It is believed that the reason for this may be that children have become more than once and that sports, even for young people, have become more competitive.

It is even more important for parents and coaches to know what to look for to avoid future problems.

Concussion in young children can present serious health risks, from temporary memory failures to cerebral edema. This is worrisome because it is possible that a concussion may not be recognized in children or may not be noticed immediately after an injury.

A second concussion before the first one is completely cured can cause a condition known as the second stroke syndrome. The result of this is the risk of developing post-concussion syndrome in children.

Even a mild stroke can cause a concussion in a young child. A child (or any other person) can suffer a concussion without losing consciousness, and in fact, less than ten percent suffer from concussions, unfortunately, they cannot be identified on X-rays or CT scans, but can only be identified by symptom. A concussion can be the result not only of a blow to the head, but also of a sudden concussion in any part of the body, which causes the brain to move suddenly inside the skull. In addition, it is important that all participants remember that the effects of various tremors can be cumulative.

Concussion Management North YorkSymptom

  • headache or feeling of pressure in the head; nausea or vomiting Dizziness blurred vision sensitivity to light or noise; feeling of wonder; irritability memory or attention problems; confusion of conscience; ringing in the ears; difficulty speaking or mood swings
  • In young children, symptoms may include abdominal pain or a sense of frustration.

If any of these signs is obvious, it is important to consult a doctor immediately. These symptoms can last between seven and ten days, and possibly even longer, depending on the severity of the stroke, if there was a previous concussion and, if so, how long it was.

Rest is the most important treatment for Concussion Management North York. Rest means lack of physical activity and mental effort that does not include school, computer games or even television. Children should not try to play sports again until a doctor consults them.


Now there is more awareness that a lump in the head can be not only a lump in the head, but also a concussion. And more and more people are realizing that concussion is actually a brain injury. Since parents and coaches, knowing this, means that we must be even more diligent with our children when they play sports.

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