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The Three Things That You Need To Know About Taking Antibiotics

Antibiotics are drugs that are made to combat infection caused by microorganisms. This drug is one of the means to properly treat an infection. While there are other drugs like painkillers and drugs that relieve fever are just drugs that are Beating around the bush and helps one become comfortable. In terms of infection, an antibiotic is the treatment for it. There are various preparations of antibiotic like oral, ointment, IV (intravenous) and so on depending on the infection and the circumstances.

But even if an antibiotic is the most common drug that is being prescribed for infection, surprisingly there are still many things that people question about the drug. And this is mostly due to the lack of research or reference material and even experts providing adequate information about antibiotics. One of the common infections that people ask about when taking antibiotic is cellulitis and this is because it starts with a very mild prescription. So if you still have some questions and you’re interested, below are a few things that you should know about antibiotics.

ecellulitisAre the second and third generation antibiotics way better than the first generation? 1st generation, 2nd generation, and 3rd generation antibiotics. These classifications don’t involve years to determine the class, its about the effectivity and risks associated with it. 1st generation is the basic ones, if your bacteria needs more kick a second generation is prescribed and if your bacteria is a tough cookie then a 3rd generation should handle it pretty well, the only catch is your liver is more at risk.

What are the risks or antibiotic? As mentioned above your liver will be at risk and so as the other medications. This is the reason why you’re set for 7 – 14 days in taking the drug not just to finish off the bacteria for good but also to avoid or prevent your liver in having dangerous levels of antibiotic to process which is more toxic. Taking it way past the ordered timeline is very dangerous, this is the reason why antibiotics are taken religiously.

Is antibiotic a maintenance medication? An antibiotic is not a maintenance medication this is because its hepatoxic Taking too much for a long period of time will increase your risks in getting liver problems in the future. Only a doctor will determine whether you need an antibiotic or not and they are also the people that will determine how much and for how long you will take it and surely its not long term.

Antibiotics are the main drug of choice to treat infection, this is because these types of drugs were made to target the source of infection. There is a very good reason as to why antibiotics are only taken 7 – 14 days religiously and that is to avoid MDR (multiple drug resistance) and liver problems. Antibiotics have various preparations depending on your needs and what the situation direly needs. In the case of cellulitis its pretty much the same thing. If you wish to learn more, head out to

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