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The advantages of feeding babies with bottles

For many parents, bottle feeding is a blessing as it is an alternative to breastfeeding. At times, mothers are unable to breastfeed or opt against breastfeeding on their own will or maybe the child is bored with breastfeeding. It is then bottle feeding comes handy. Though the mother’s milk is important for the kid but the nutrients that are present in the milk formula are extremely nutritious and help the baby to grow. There are a lot of advantages when it comes to feeding your kid with the help of feeding bottles from Minbie. Enumerated as under:

  • Feeding through the bottle is less disturbing. Women love their bodies and consider it like a temple and might not like to have someone fastened onto the breasts always.
  • It won’t give you the discomfort or make you uncomfortable as bottle feeding is not painful like breastfeeding. Besides, issues like cracked nipples or bite marks or mastitis could be avoided.
  • Breastfeeding your kid in the public is quite embarrassing and that is one main advantage of feeding your child with the Minbie feeding bottle. You can use it anywhere.
  • In case your baby has an allergic reaction to your milk, you need to make changes in your diet. But it is not required if you are feeding your baby through bottle feeding.
  • Sometimes, it gets confusing for the moms to wonder as to what they might have eaten which is causing their babies to act fussy. This is also one of the advantages of bottle feeding as there is no need for any guesswork. Sometimes, eating too much of onion or garlic or caffeine can result in your baby getting fussy and irritated but this is not possible with bottle feeding.
  • Besides, with bottle feeding the parents are aware of the exact amount of food their baby has eaten and even furthermore they don’t really have to wonder if their baby has taken enough nutrition or not. After the kid is done with his bottle, the parents know that he has had enough. But with breastfeeding, it’s difficult to find out if the baby had 300 ml or 20 ml.
  • Bottle feeding could be a great help to control or make a routine pattern as the parents would know when the baby needs food.
  • The entire family can help you with feeding your child through the bottle. This is a beautiful experience indeed and you can involve your husband or older children or other members of the family to be a part of this experience and meanwhile, you can focus on other chores as well.
  • It is fun to shop for the bottle feeding accessories. These are readily available in supermarkets and that too in different vibrant colors to make the mealtime more interesting for your little one.
  • You get the option of choosing the flavor or the ingredients of the formula for your kid.
  • The major advantage and most parents would also agree is that the babies who are bottle fed usually sleep the entire night and it means that there would be no interference while you are having sex with your partner.

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