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Motherhood is the most beautiful and memorable phase of every woman’s life. It is a fulfilling experience and at the same time results in physical and psychological stress. This is why it is said that mother, who cares for all deserves equal care. Women undergoes changes in their body and might feel weak after pregnancy. Mothers need psychological and physical relaxation after delivery. It is for this reason post pregnancy massage is highly recommended for women after delivery.

post pregnancy massageBenefits of Massage Treatments After Delivery

  • Reduce anxiety:Post-Partum Anxiety is often seen among new mothers. The symptoms might include change in eating and sleeping habits, dizziness, nausea etc. A Post-partum massage proves to be very much beneficial in reducing anxiety and worry.
  • Decrease symptoms of depression: Anxiety might lead to depression that will affect the health of both mother and child. Hence, a post-natal massage is always recommended to decrease the symptoms of depression.
  • Relieve muscle aches and joint pains: The whole delivery process is strenuous and painful. So, mothers need to feel relaxed after delivery. A post-natal massage like any other massage is a soothing experience.
  • Boosts milk production: The hormone called oxytocin is released to facilitate the ejection of milk while breast feeding. Massage loosens up hardened areas and prevent any problems during breast feeding.
  • Good sleep: Mothers are often devoid of sound sleep after delivery. A massage helps mothers towards getting much-needed deeper sleep.

The word ‘massage’ itself brings with it a sense of relaxation and calmness. A post-partum massage can bring significant changes in the mental and physical health of the mother which in turn would benefit in the growth of child. A healthy mother is a sign of a healthy child.

Post Natal Massage Treatments

Jamu Massage

Pregnancy can change your life forever both physically and emotionally. Talking about the physical changes, a woman gains weight during and after pregnancy and getting back in shape again is what women desire the most. Jamu massage and tummy slimming method will help you to slim down healthily and fast. This effective treatment method is designed to heal the strains and damage from exertion and blood loss. It also fights against fatigue and depression. It targets the cellulite and fat deposits around the abdomen. This treatment is guaranteed to leave you feel gorgeous from within.

Relax and enjoy the benefits of post pregnancy massage.

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