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How Cryotherapy Works To Render Its Benefits

In the recent years, people have started using cryotherapy to relieve body aches and muscle pain and ultimately gain comfort. Compared to a number of remedies, cryotherapy can be termed as an inexpensive way of dealing with body pain. While cryotherapy is more of a medical or scientific term, you would often find people referring to it as ‘Icing’ in their day to day life.

Traditionally, cryotherapy has been put to use way more frequently than we would admit about it. So many times when there is an ache in the gums or we have an injury, we might have used an ice pack to get rid of it. Cool therapy helps in getting rid of the inflammation in the injured area. This in turn renders quicker healing process.

advancedcryonycCryotherapy works by bringing down the temperature of the swelled up region that is in pain. Once the temperature of that area significantly decreases, there is a sense of numbness in that area. This numbness does not allow the pain signals from that part of the body to reach the brain as effectively, which apparently brings down the pain. This coldness also helps in constricting the blood vessels that are present in the region of pain. It prevents from the building up of fluid in that area and there is a lowering of blood flow. This is how the pain and swelling slowly reduce and give a sense of comfort to the patient.

While icing or cryotherapy is really effective in dealing with internal injuries and pain, it does not have the same effect when the skin is broken or has an abrasion. In fact, the effect is reverse and there can be more harm than benefit. This is why, if your pain and discomfort comes from a wound, cryotherapy would not be suggested. There are certain common conditions for which a doctor might suggest getting a cryotherapy. Following are the common conditions where cryotherapy can be really helpful and effective-

  • Arthritis
  • Shin splints
  • Ligament damage
  • Recovery from surgery and process of rehabilitation
  • Tendonitis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Various types of cancer
  • Migraine

However, you have to make a note of it that icing or cryotherapy is more of a catalyser than a treatment in itself. When people experience conditions, like cancer, diabetes, arthritis and related pains, cryotherapy can help in recovering the “pain factor” quicker. While this is one thing to remember, it does not bring down the usefulness or effectiveness of cryotherapy. There’s a reason why so many people use cryotherapy to deal with pain and find relief in it. If you want to make use of cryotherapy, consult a doctor before considering it. For more details, visit

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