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High functioning Depression


Depression is most common in the present world with the number of patients with depression increasing every day. Persistent Depressive Disorder is the other name for high functioning depression and also known as dysthymia which has more than 3 mi9llion cases observed annually only in the US. This is also diagnosed more in women when compared to men and this is a chronic and high function form of the condition depression and this means that it lasts long term. This is the disorder or the type of depression which is harder to find or spot the condition.

The common symptoms

The symptoms of the disorder may be experienced by the individual for many numbers of years before it gets diagnosed properly as this is referred to as chronic disorder and not the acute disorder. And also studies prove that the individuals who are suffering from high functioning depression are often good in suppressing their problems and they feel it is part of who they are in the state of sadness or the depression. Thus there is a realisation which is missing in what they actually into an experience which may be more severe than they actually let on.

Therefore these depression suffering people often hesitate to discuss their problem with friends or family and even to doctors about how they are feeling, and they say just they are normal and fine. It is common for the person with substance abuse and the mental illness to feel quite humiliated and uncomfortable to come and admit that they are suffering from the problem and most crucially that are in need of help.

High functioning DepressionPeople with this disorder are classified as high functioning and they do admit that they are doing well in their lives and everything is fine. While it may seem to be true but deep down, they are actual sufferers of depression. They fight constantly for survival each and every day and each and every time. They tend to be intelligent, friendly, successful, outgoing, happy and disciplined but they are suffering from the mental illness which is not shown to the outside is very much impossible for anyone to spot down the people who are suffering from this high functioning depression as they appear fine and normal


They are screaming inside that they are not normal, and they need help. This is not a diagnostic category from the medical point of view, and they question till how long the depression lasts and how it will interfere with their capabilities. Some people suffering from this cannot go to their work or anywhere and they suffer from their significant performance. The people who are suffering feel like they are faking constantly.

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