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Safe Hair Loss Solutions: Change Your Hair, Change The Style

In the case of aged people, it is no longer easy for them to regrow their hair, which is the common cause of balding or alopecia. Hair fall may be a severe problem, but with the right hair replacement treatment, you can regain that thick hair like the old times.

Main causes of hair loss

According to an expert, hair loss is a natural phenomenon. It is a universal problem and not limited to a particular culture or race. It is not that obnoxious to experience mild hair loss. But, speaking about excessive hair loss, then it requires proper medication. Before medication, you need to know first the various causes of hair loss and the several factors that contribute to excessive hair fall. These are the leading causes of hair loss that many don’t know, such as the following:

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  • Heredity. Hair loss problem may be on the heredity factors. Androgenetic alopecia refers to baldness. Yet, the role of heredity is not simple. The development of baldness can be due to genetic propensity with aging and prevalence of androgen hormone.
  • Hormonal dysfunction. In premature hair loss, it can be due to dysfunctions incorporated with hormones. A lot of essential hormones are secreted from the thyroid gland. People who have less active or hyperactive thyroid glands experience hair loss problems. Thus, thyroid treatment can be the solution to this type of hair loss problem. Imbalanced sex hormones, estrogens, and androgens can be the main cause of hair loss. A lot of women had experienced the said problem during pregnancy and post-delivery period.
  • Major illness. It usually happened due to illnesses, such as typhoid. Malaria can also be a cause of excessive hair loss. A person who undergoes chemotherapy may result in severe hair loss, which is possible to be incurable.
  • Medication. Certain medicines can promote hair loss, which means you need to visit a dermatologist. In most cases, it may be temporary, but when ignored for a long period, it can be permanent that leads to balding.
  • Infection. There are a lot of types of fungal infections that lead to hair loss. It usually is seen in children, which is quite common due to infection on the scalp.
  • Psychological factors. Did you know that stress can be a significant factor that leads to hair loss? A study reveals that if a person is undergoing stress can contribute to hair loss problem.
  • Improper care of the hair. Last but not least, improper hair care contributed a lot to hair loss problems. To tie the hair when wet and pulling it with tight hair rollers leads to traction alopecia.

Any of these causes of hair loss may be experienced by anyone. So, never let it happen to you. If you notice that you have the same problem, then make sure to look for natural organic hair loss treatment.

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