Foods you may consider to increase breast milk

New motherhood is full of life-altering changes and great surprises. A lactating mother’s body involves changes in a day that must be taken care of and addressed appropriately. Your body actively produces milk from the number of calories taken in a day; thus, a breastfeeding mother frequently feels hungry. There must be a suitable diet for mothers, foods to increase breast milk, and nutrient consumption. Throughout the world, women in various cultures relied on particular foods and herbs to provide their milk production a boost.

New moms are concerned about their breast milk yet sometimes forget to check the foods to eat while breastfeeding to improve their milk supply. You will have to eat more calories than usual since your body needs that extra energy to produce milk. Consider adding some foods that are good to your diet that is found to give a positive impact on milk production. Know more about which foods will help you to increase breast milk.

Consider these foods that aid boost the milk supply

 1. Barley

2. One of the overflowing sources of beta-glucan which aids to boost prolactin levels in mothers. Barley malt can also be a great supplement for breast milk supply. It is produced with barley grains that are permitted to germinate. It becomes a sweet syrup malt after some time that can be a replacement for maple syrup.

Foods to increase breast milk

3. Porridge and Oatmeal

4. Oats are known as the best source of fiber, calcium, iron, and important nutrients. Also, oatmeal is the ideal food for breast milk since it has saponins, that maximize the effectiveness of breast milk supply hormones. There are various ways wherein you can add oats to your diet.

5. Sesame seeds

6. Til or sesame seeds are a great source of omega-six fatty acids, calcium, and minerals. It contains plant estrogen which makes it the best food for breast milk. You can sprinkle them in your salads or other food recipes or you can eat them as seeds. They are beneficial for the baby and mother as they have higher Calcium content.

7. Dark green vegetables

8. Dark leafy vegetables such as lettuce, alfalfa, broccoli, and spinach are full of nutrients, especially calcium. They also have phytoestrogens that may have a great effect on breast milk production.

9. Garlic

10. Garlic is a healthy addition and nutritious to most diets. It is considered to be a galactagogue, that aids nursing people make more breast milk. Based on studies, breastfeeding mothers who take garlic have longer breastfeeding hours compared to others. Garlic has organic compounds that enter a mother’s milk and nourish the baby’s immune system. You can add one or two cloves or a moderate amount of garlic to your regular diet. It can be added as a flavor in different dishes like fried vegetables, pasta, or soup.