Teeth restraint vs. dental braces: understand the difference

Orthodontic treatment has different phases, and each will follow the planning according to the patient’s need. Normally, at the end of the period of use of the orthodontic appliance, either fixed or mobile, the orthodontist from the best dental clinic in Kolkata indicates an appliance for restraint in the teeth. This phase of treatment is made with a removable plate, especially transparent ones. It is therefore common for people to confuse retaining plates with these models of orthodontic appliances.

Difference between restraint on teeth and orthodontic appliances

Orthodontic appliances are used to intentionally move teeth through mechanical force, thus correcting crowding, cross bite, crooked teeth, and any other occlusion problems. Retention plates aim to prevent teeth from returning to the problematic position after treatment with the dental braces.

Dental In KolkataWhy is tooth restraint important?

Forcing teeth to move with the use of Invisible dental braces in Kolkata, there is a loss of the fibers around them. These fibers are responsible for providing stability and support to the teeth. Until the body replenishes the lost fibers, there is a good chance that the teeth will return to their original position. To prevent this recurrence, the use of the containment device is essential until the teeth are stabilized again with the new fibers.

How long does teeth containment have to be done?

The usage time of the containment device will depend on each case. It is common for the Immediate Dental Implant in Kolkata orthodontist to indicate the use of movable plates only at night, but there are also cases where a fixed restraint must be placed on the lower teeth. It is always very important for the patient to strictly follow the orthodontist’s instructions to avoid treatment relapses.

As a rule, the more hours a patient has with the mouthpiece, the less time they need to use it. In addition, the correct hygiene and periodic return to the dentist to adjust the retention plates are also essential for the success of the treatment.

What are the models of existing containment devices?

Some of the most commonly used containment models are,

  • Acetate Containment – This model consists of a transparent acetate plaque.
  • Containment of upper teeth – There are two models of upper arch restraint.

Both models are used to improve intercostals position in orthodontic post treatment, thereby preventing teeth from moving laterally and forward. When added with a resin mold, these plates also assist in containing deep bite treatment.


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