Solutions for Patients Who Aren’t Considered a Candidate of Dental Implants

Dental implants are considered the most used treatment among people with a high satisfaction rate. Many people with lost teeth visit their implant dentist to have an alternative to help them get rid of difficulties caused by lost teeth. But are all people qualified to have dental implants? The answer is a definite no. People’s oral situation and condition are significantly different, so they all can’t be qualified to have dental implants. Pursuant to a professional who provides affordable dental implants in Vancouver, people who aren’t qualified for dental implants become extremely disappointed. They think they can’t benefit from dental implants advantages, but there are still many dental treatments that can make their situation qualified to have dental implants. Although your implant dentist will explain to you all possible ways to have dental implants, having reliable information before hearing your dentist’s explanation can be a great help! Here we have the most regular treatments for patients to qualify them for dental implants.

Sinus lift: your nasal sinus may have dropped in the place of your tooth roots if you’ve gone with your lost teeth for a while. By putting dental implants in these places, this oral surgery makes your sinuses ruptured in a way where they can’t be healed anymore. To prevent this failure in dental implant surgery, which also results in chronic infection, your implant dentist won’t allow you have dental implants unless you have a sinus lift surgery.

Mini dental implants: as you can understand from its name, mini dental implants are the smaller versions of regular dental implants, which are significantly helpful in some places which aren’t suitable for regular dental implants; there isn’t enough jawbone or non-weight nearing tooth. Mini dental implants are beneficial when your dentist wants to stabilize your denture. Mini dental implants are usually required to have one visit with your implant dentist, which makes them quick alternatives!

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Bone graft: lack of jawbone is almost the most common reason that makes people unqualified for having dental implants. Without having a supportive amount of jawbone, your implant can be strengthened in its place. Lack of Jawbone can be caused for several reasons, including gum disease, but fortunately can be treated by a bone graft. Bone graft surgery makes your jawbone suitable and safe to receive the root of your dental implants; however, it has its difficulties, like long healing time.

Zygomatic implants: it’s extremely rare to find a patient who practically has no bone support in the jaws. These patients necessarily need to have full mouth reconstruction, which is done by using other parts of the face bone.

Gum graft: having a gum graft is important when oral soft tissues like your gum are damaged by an accident, tooth loss, or gum disease. Gum grafting will make your gum an excellent protector for your dental implants and minimize aesthetic worries.

Remember, all these ways should be suggested by your reliable implant dentist, and you can determine if you need any of them or not!

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