Gum Diseases: Prevention, Types, Symptoms, & Treatments

Periodontitis is one of the most life-threatening types of gum disease that can lead to severe pain and inflammation. Other essential symptoms like gum swelling or bleeding commonly accompany this severe condition. As an experienced emergency dentist in Vancouver describes, waiting long to seek urgent care for this severe dental problem can lead to long-lasting damage or even tooth loss. Thanks to the several successful treatments offered by dedicated urgent care providers, you can deal with various gum illnesses and preserve oral health. If you are curious to learn how you can help your emergency dentists properly deal with periodontitis, keep reading all the information in this article.

Necessary Tips about Periodontitis

A serious form of gum illness caused by bacterial infection is periodontitis. At first, dental infection will start to spread by inflaming the soft tissues and structures around your natural teeth, and it can reach the bones that support your teeth if you leave them unchecked. According to surveys that are recently done, those patients who are under 30 are less likely to experience periodontitis. Still, several factors can make you more susceptible to severe gum diseases. For example, having poor oral hygiene or avoiding visiting well-known and dedicated general dentists are essential reasons for these serious conditions. Besides, sometimes, another essential factor called genetics can lead to experiencing gum diseases.

Necessary Tips about Periodontitis

The Significant Symptoms of Periodontitis: Healthy gums should fit strongly around your natural teeth. In contrast, periodontitis will adversely affect your gum and lead to the following symptoms:

Reddish Gums that Will Easily Bleed: Generally, having some minor spots of blood on your teeth when cleaning them with brushing or flossing are naturally expected, but continued bleeding is considered the most obvious symptom that indicates you are suffering from periodontitis.

Extensive and Unbearable Pain that Radiates to Other Parts of Your Mouth, Ears or Neck: Typically, pain is considered the main reaction of your body to inform us about various dental and medical conditions. Thus, you surely suffer from periodontitis when you experience sharp and persistent pain that will increase when you chew food, and it can extend to other organs.

Other Possible Symptoms: Those who have experienced periodontitis have complained of some other symptoms, including loose teeth, dental abscess, bad breath and even fever.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Once you see any of mentioned symptoms, you don’t have to wait a minute to seek urgent treatment. As you step into the professionally-trained emergency dentists’ offices, they will check your mouth with x-rays. You should let them know about your symptoms and medical history; therefore, they will easily diagnose the severity of your problem and start the most appropriate treatment based on your needs.

According to specialized dental professionals, promptly using prescribed antibiotics is considered the basic method to deal with periodontitis. Then they will continue their work by providing deep dental cleaning. As the affected site becomes numb with local anesthesia, your skilled hygienists will use technical instruments to remove the bacteria that have started their growth beneath your gum lines.

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